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Dear Max, You are the Rock Star of real estate! Your responsiveness, professionalism and dedication are unsurpassed!
- Chris and Niki Stewart, Lake Oswego, OR

Max is truly amazing! He has gone way above and beyond the call of duty for us and continues to do so even though the sale of the house is complete...We have already recommended Max to all of our family members. A top score of 4 is not high enough for Max. He was absolutely amazing and deserves a 10+ on all levels. (from the Max Team: we're so flattered by the Dean's detailed feedback that we have to publish it. Click here to view their entire feedback)
- Rob and Ruthie Dean, Vista, CA

Max is hands down the best (I am a Realtor in CA and have worked with many). Max is extremely efficient, very friendly and personable, promptly handling every aspect of my transaction...Max's knowledge of the city and many surrounding areas in Portland allowed me to make the right choice and resulted in our being very happy about the neighborhood we decided. The service and follow- through continue well after closing. Working with Max has been a fantastic experience.
- Laurie Kerridge - West Linn, OR

Max's impeccable guidance, during the process of our purchase, was second to none. Never for a momnet did we feel alone or confused...there are few times in this life, when you will meet an individual of such honor and integrity. Max is the only Broker to whom we would entrust our dear friends and family members, should they be in need of real estate services. (from the Max Team: again, we're so moved by Carrie's testimonial that we have to publish it. Click here to view the entire letter).
- Carrie di Palma, Beaverton, OR

Max has great knowledge about the real estate market. Always patient in answering my many questions and he's never pushy. Max is hands down better than any of the agents I've worked with in California when I sold my properties. He couldn't have made my transaction any smoother.
- Elza Rice, Portland, OR

Max was always honest, had an excellent sense of humor and made us feel special...as busy as he is, he made us feel like we were his priority.
- Erick and Stacy Sison - Tigard, OR

I like Max's knowledge of the market, and the professionalism and confidence he possesses. He's always very responsive and always stays on top of things. I never need to worry about anything (when I list my home with Max)...so glad I have Max on my side.
- Wennie Wang - Beaverton, OR

Max is amazing. He's always available, very informative, sincere and fun to do business with. He's always willing to make time to explain anything and everything to me. 4 out of 4 stars.
- Alison Hayami - Beaverton, OR

Max is extremely knowledgeable and was always completely honest. He informed us of potentially profitable neighborhoods as well as what to look for in an investment property...he made us feel very confident and secure in our decision to purchase the property. Max is the best. Nobody comes close. We have worked with 4 Realtors in the past few years. 2 were poor, and 1 was excellent. Max is by far the most knowledgeable of them all. On a scale of 1 to 4, he's a 5.
- Agnes and Ben Berkowitz, Portland, OR

Two words...YOU ROCK!
- Cindy and Steve Hahn, Denver, CO

6 out of 4 stars...professional to the MAX...Max is honest, professional and extremely knowledgeable.
- Henri and Tina Khodaverdi, Portland, OR

Max is so positive and enthusiastic. He really listened to what my husband and I wanted. He helped us set realistic goals...Max goes out of his way to be available for his clients. You're not just a number with Max, you're a real person and he's always looking out for your best interests. His extensive knowledge of the real estate market...made our purchase stress free. Far better than any other experience I've had with other agents. Max knows real estate...Max knows people.
- Mrs. Verona Haley-Olguin, Beaverton, OR

Max is really knowledgeable in his field. He is honest about the condition of the house and thinks / acts to the best of our interest. Even if we liked a house, he would tell us if the house had flaws...Max has always been quick to respond, even after the deal had been completed. What we love about Max is that he always looks out for our benefits and investment. We highly recommend him to anyone looking for a great agent.
- Mr. and Mrs. Andreas Sunardi, Beaverton, OR

From the minute I submitted my applicaiton to Max about the properties I wanted to see, I immediately got a response. And on that same day, we were out looking at those properties. Max understood my needs and timeframe because I wanted to be in a home in time for my son to start school. He fulfilled the timeframe...my new home is exactly what I was looking for! I WILL recommend him to any of my friends. Thank you again, Max! Far better than any other real estate agent I've dealt with. He's truly the best!
- Ms. Alice Williams - Beaverton, OR

Max's knowledge of the schools were far superior than other agents we've worked with. What we like most about working with Max is his willingness to go the extra mile to insure our needs were met. Max made our life so easy and we honestly and sincerely appreciate all he's done to expedite the process and streamline everything!
- Memo and Stacy Orozco - Lake Oswego, OR

Max is fantastic! My wife and I are so thankful to have met a great Realtor in Portland. He took care of every detail for us and guided us to a very successful transaction. Way better than any other real estate agents we've dealt with in our last 20 years.
- Dave and Rebecca Graham, Portland, OR

Max always tells us what he thinks of a property, the pros and the cons. He gives us advice and honest opinion. He never "sells" to us...great communication skill, warm personality and years of real estate knowledge distinguishes him from other agents.
- Judy Yang and Richard Lin, Beaverton, OR

Max is very fast in responding to his client's needs. He takes care of all the necessary procedures in the entire transaction. Max is certainly better than any other agents I've worked with. More specifically, he's more enthusiastic, more responsive, and more efficient.
- Ms. Wendy Chan - California

Max is bright, perceptive, competent and personable. He demonstrated amazingly prompt and tenacious follow-through on attention to details even after the sale was made. Max cared more that we find and buy the house that best serve our needs at a reasonable price than about making a sale to be making a sale. Far superior than other Realtors.
- Dr. Mary Lee Nichols - West Linn, OR

Max was very active in helping me find my dream home. He's always available to answer questions. Excellent communication. I will definitely recommend him to anyone looking for a professional Realtor.
- Ms. Min Hu - Beaverton, OR

Five stars...Max is very knowledgeable about the real estate market...he was excellent. He familiarized himself thoroughly with the type of home we were looking for and ensured that the homes we looked at fell within those parameters.
- Mr. Fred Sporon-Fiedler - Lake Oswego, OR

Impressive!  You absolutely read my mind, and are completely in sync with the direction and pace of this (home searching) process.  Well done!  I had just been looking at places in West Linn, after we got off the phone.  Your timing, awareness, sensitivity, ability to listen for my values and needs, incredible response time, communication skills, and serviceful attitude is exceptional and refreshing.  It is a pleasure to work with you.
- Mrs. Holy Kaur Khalsa, Portland, OR

There's nothing that Max could have done better with our transaction. He made the whole process very easy. It's been great working with Max because of his knowledge of the area and his honesty.
- Mikal and Kitty Brevig, Napa, California

We want you to know how much we appreciate what you've been doing to help us in this very meaningful step in our lives. We thank you so much, Max. We feel very fortunate to have you in our corner.
- John and Patty Misner, Eugene, OR

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