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The Pearl – area surrounded by the North Park Blocks, Lovely Street, 1-405, and Burnside Street.

While children as certainly welcome here, The Pearl District is a chic, elegant neighborhood filled with tiny shops (filled with tempting house wares, antiques, and more), great art galleries, and hip watering holes – not to mention some of Portland’s most expensive restaurants - two top picks are Le Bouchon (Rustic French, 517 NW 14 th Ave, 503-248-2193)and Bluehour (Mediterranean/Northwest, 250 NW 13 th Ave, 503-226-3394 Special tip: get the Dungeness Crab, and try the Caesar salad for 2!). So this might be a neighborhood you hit with just the grown-ups in tow. Formerly popular Oba seems to be on the decline these days…

Basically, The Pearl District is a formerly run-down warehouse district which has been gentrified. The transformation into high-end living, dining, and shopping neighborhood is about 80% complete. You can find lofts Portland OR galore here, and it is definitely one place to live la dolce vita. Stylish neighbors, fabulous cafes, great shopping…heck, there’s even a park. In The Pearl, you’ll want to dress your best just to walk, lounge, or stroll around. Be especially sure to look “fah-bulous, darling!” if you are going to shop. Best places to shop include upscale home furnishing joints (both contemporary and antique)… If you are furnishing a home, there are a myriad of antique places to hunt through. And for lighting, you don’t want to miss the stylish globes at several area shops here.

The Pearl District Median Home Prices for Portland Oregon Pearl District Real Estate:

1999: $305,500
2004: $440,000

Population Density (per acre): 3

Commute time to downtown by car: 4 min.

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For unbeatable quality and the best, softest cotton in kids’ outfits or precious mom & kid coordinating outfits, hit Hanna Andersen. They definitely have the urban princess look that says “hip city dweller”. Plus, their kid stuff is really kid stuff – nothing age-inappropriate, unlike some of the typical mall offerings. (Insider secret: you may also like to check out the Hanna Andersen Outlet in Oswego Towne Center in the suburb of Lake Oswego. Many bargains to be had!) Prices everywhere in The Pearl high, but then so is the style quotient and quality of the merchandise. (The service in this area tends to be a bit on the New York/L.A. snobby side, but then that usually comes with quality merchandize, doesn’t it?)

If you are dining in The Pearl you will be spoilt for choice. Top pick? Portland’s 2005 Restaurant of the Year, a little Peruvian gem called Andina ( 1314 NW Glisan St, 503-288-9535). Order the ceviche appetizers, get tons of tapas instead of a main course, and skip dessert – it not quite worth the calories here! Want to know more about Portland's good eats? Check out Dave's Top Ten.

A special tip for The Pearl neighborhood: there’s a really creative event here that happens each week. It is called First Thursday. Here’s how it works: on the first Thursday of every month, art galleries throughout the neighborhood host “open house” night. People gather to drink, nibble, view art, and generally socialize. This is the cultured singleton’s dream event – lots of “people watching” and potential dating opportunities! For couples, it is still fun to go on double dates and enjoy the atmosphere, gourmet delicacies, and fine wines. Check out First Thursdays from 6-9 p.m. Afterwards, hit the club scene in the neighborhood and beyond at Lush Restaurant & Lounge ( 610 NW Couch St., 503-223-5874), Paragon (815 N Killingsworth, 503-289-0888), or Tube (18 NW 3 rd, 503-241-8823).

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