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Southwest Portland

Across Burnside Street from the NW area of Portland is home to the original settlers who ran the farms to support the rapidly growing city of Portland. From the funky and quirky Multnomah Village to the upscale luxury homes on Sylvan Highlands, each area has its own distinctiveness. Its location is in between Beaverton and Downtown Portland, so it's a great choice for those who work downtown. The commuting time can be as short as 10 minutes.

Most people who live in this SW Portland are college graduates, who likes to jog, hike, eat out, stay healthy, and drive eco-friendly cars. 

Here's a brief description of each area of SW Portland:

Multnomah Village

Lots of funky stores and restaurants in this area. It's a place where cultures converge. You'll find local antiques and lots of small town finds. Few homes are for sale. Most residents love the area so much that they hardly move out. There are also few new homes being built as Multnomah Village is pretty much built out.

Sylvan Highlands, Arlington Heights & Terwilliger

You're talking hilly and humid in these neighborhoods. Tons of old growth trees that blanket the area like a forest. Many great schools and hospitals (hence, it earned its nickname, Pill Hill). It's home to one of the most highly respected teaching hospitals Oregon Health Sciences University (OHSU). Homes can range from high $300,000 to millions. Many of them are older homes and stately mansions tucked away privately in the "forest".

You'll find home built in a variety of styles. The most common ones are Old PDX style with a nice large front deck a few steps up from the street level, Tudor, Victorian, and other classic styles. Some homes also have great view overlooking downtown Portland and the Willamette River.

Johns Landing

Another ultra hip neighorhood with a touch more "snob" appeal than Multnomah Village. There're lots of shops and restaurants along this SW Macadam Street riverside stretch. Homes were built along a hill so many has a gorgeous view of the river and the east side of Portland. Aside from cool shops and restaurants, you'll also find famous yoga studio, aikido dojo, luxury car dealers and offices.

There're a large number new condo projects that are being built here in Johns Landing and along the SW Macadam area towards downtown. These are mostly luxury condos starting from $750,000 to multi million dollar range. Many of the condos are designed to have panoramic view of the river, the city and the mountains. Call us to inquire about availability.

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