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Shopping in East Portland

East Portland is full of houses with charm and character. Instead of malls and upscaled shops, you'll find East Portland more down to earth.

East Portland:

Of course, you'll still find malls on this side of the river. But the true gems of shopping and walking are in the Belmont and Hawthorne Districts. Like its sibling on the west side of the river, NW 23rd, the Belmont and Hawthorne areas are pure Bohemian. This is the origin of the hippie movement in the 1970's. You'll find many luthiers of hand made guitars and other string instruments live in these neighborhoods. Lined up on these streets are hard to find homemade jewelry stores, funky fashion, and rows of excellent cafes including the legendary Stumptown Coffee and Coffee People.

Sellwood is another one of these neighborhoods in a smaller scale. If you're into antiques, this is the area to go to. You'll find rows and rows of antique shops throughout Sellwood.

Due to the cool factor of these areas, many homes were built around them. Though most of these residential buildings were constructed in the 1920's and the 1940's, there have been more and more people buying into an old home and completely remodelled the building. As a result, real estate prices have gone up tremendously vis-a-vis other parts of East Portland.

Downtown | East Portland | West Portland | Outlet Malls

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