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Division/Burnside/Laurelhurst Area

There's some wonderful Portland real estate here. The most compelling reason to roam this general area is Pix Patisserie ( 3402 SE Division St., 503-232-4407). Both Papa Haydn and Pix are well worth the time and the calories. (But hey, who’s counting). For other great baking, check out Grand Central Baking (2230 SE Hawthorne Blvd., 503-232-0575) and other locations, or stop in one evening at the elusive, hard-to-find Rimsky-Korsakoffee House (707 SE 12 th Ave, ) They only open at 7 p.m., there is no sign on the door, and you may think you’ve stumbled into an a old lady’s eclectically furnished living room (which is inexplicably filled with hipsters). This in an adventure that is worth your trouble…order the mocha cake, it never fails to please.

Burnside and Division are both older, less affluent areas. Gentrification has brought many a remodel, and some health-food style supermarkets such as Wild Oats and New Seasons.

The more elegant Laurelhurst area is a great place to dog walk, people watch, check out some awesome old homes, and generally relax. Most of the homes here are over 80 to 100 years old. They are gorgeous, charming, full of character. However, do watch out for these older homes particularly when they have not been remodelled recently. There could be plumbing, electrical wiring, and oil tank issues that you'll need to deal with when buying properties in this area. So make sure you hire a great inspector before you seal the deal. A lot of times, you'll need a geo-engineer to check out the foundation to make sure that the property is up to code with the latest building regulations (just in case of earthquakes). When you visit Laurelhurst, try strolling Laurelhurst Park and its environs. You'll enjoy the serenity around this lovely neighborhood.

Hawthorne/Belmont…Coffee, Tea and Hippies

Ah, Hawthorne and Belmont – Portland’s own little Haight-Ashbury, home of aging hippies, neo punk goth types, those dressed entirely in hemp, and everyone in between!

Some of the best coffee in town can be had in this area, at Stumptown ( 3356 SE Belmont St, 503-230-7702) and other locations. Local java heads know this is the place to go. There are also lots of eateries, from the highly recommended Castagna ( 1752 SE Hawthorne Blvd, 503-231-7373). The cuisine is Mediterranean yet Northwest at the same time. Be sure to order the Dungeness crab if it is in season. If not, their staple New York steak with shoestring potatoes will definitely curl your toes. (And that’s a good thing.)

Of course you know your espresso basics… but you may not know it all. Here in the Pacific North West, espresso is at the base of our Food Pyramid. So check out the talk before you walk in. Some local coffee jargon & local how-to you may need:

* Milk choices: whole, organic, low fat, no fat, soy, rice, and roy (1/2 soy, ½ rice) Inside tip – a Roy Latte gives the best foam!

* Caffeine: most locals order “leaded” until 2 p.m. and then “1/2 caff” after that

* Ordering: Don’t use Starbucks terminology (tall, grande, venti) at a non-chain…order by the OUNCE, as in “I’ll take a 16 oz. half caff soy latte” (this is the local drink of choice, by the way). IF you do use Buck-speak elsewhere, be prepared to be met with a derisive glare and perhaps an arched eyebrow or snort of contempt.

* Hardest-to-understand Term: The hardest thing to understand is actually the simplest. It is called the “Why Bother”. This means you want your espresso-based drink to be non-fat milk and totally decaff. For example, “Can I getta 12 oz. Why Bother Latte?”

While you are still in the South East, be sure to stop at OMSI ( Oregon Museum of Science & Industry ( 1945 SE Water St., 800-955-6674). This hands-on museum is chock full of great things for families to explore. They also have an IMAX theater and a planetarium.

East Moreland

A few blocks away from the reknowned Reed College is East Moreland where home prices range from mid $300,000s to as high as millions. You'll see a mix of different architecture here, from Victorian style or Craftsman. Like Laurelhurst, East Moreland has the equal old time charm and character. The streets are full of old growth trees along the sidewalk. Its elegance is unmistakable. There used to be, and it still has, many Reed College professors who like to live in this neighborhood due to its proximity.


Right across the East Moreland Golf Course towards the Willamette River, you'll arrive at Sellwood. Sellwood is a small neighborhood famous for its antique shops, funky shops and restaurants. Homes were built primarily in the 1920s to 1940s. Few new homes were constructed in recent years. However, newcomers have been buying some of these older homes in this charming neighborhood and remodelled them with modern facilities. Typically, you'll find smaller homes here of between a few hundred square feet to just under 2,000 square feet (including basement). Prices also range from $200k to $400k.


Altamont is a relatively new and upscale subdivision in SE Portland at Johnson Creek Blvd and SE 92nd Ave.. Luxury homes typically have sweeping view of downtown Portland at an elevation of about 800 feet up at Mount Scott. There are luxury homes selling from $500k to over a million. There're also a smaller area of homes selling in the high $300k to $400k range. You'll also find some lovely luxury condos and townhomes in this subdivision.

Home styles in Altamont range from traditional to the NW Craftman's style that looks more like a ski lodge. There're two private gated communities within Altamont as well, for those who seek more security and privacy.

Due to its high elevation, there might be a chance of icy roads for several days during winter. Portland tends to snow every other year or so.


Here's a sample of median home prices in selected SE Portland neighborhoods:

Sellwood: $244,000
Mt. Tabor: $254,900
Laurelhurst: $352,000

East Moreland: $244,000

A Word of Caution: If you are thinking of moving to SE side of Portland and you have children of school age, you should check with the Oregon School Board to see the latest shuffle of school facilities. Due to the lack of educational fund, many schools all over Portland, especially in the SE and NE Portland, will be closed in the 2005 - 2006 school year. Click here to check out the various school report cards.

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