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Northeast Portland Real Estate

Some of the nicest and most popular neighborhoods in Portland is in the NE, where several pieces of exceptional Portland, Oregon real estate are still for sale. Part of the elegant Laurelhurst neigborhood in the SE of Portland crosses over to the NE as well. It's immediate neighborhood, Irvington, shares the same charm and character. Homes in Irvington also starts from the mid $300k to millions. There are also a few charming Bed & Breakfast places in this neighborhood worth staying in for a few nights.

Just a bit north of Irvington, you'll arrive at another great neighborhood called Alameda. Many authors, Hollywood script writers, artists, designers love this part of Portland. Similar to homes in East Moreland in SE Portland, streets in Alameda are lined with old growth trees. You'll see people jogging, strolling, mowing lawns in the summer all day long.

The affluence of the Alameda neighborhood has gradually spread north wards. In the old days, just outside of Alameda was considered less desirable by many. However, an influx of investment money and new Oregonians have transformed many parts of NE Portland. This is also evident by the ever increasing housing prices. In 2005, prices in this area has increased as much as 17% per annum. This increase is among some of the highest in the entire Metro Portland area.

Here are some sample home prices in the popular Alameda and Irvington neighborhoods in NE Portland:


Median Home Prices:

1999: 125,000
2004: $202,000

Population Density (per acre): 12

Commute time to downtown by car: 10


Median Home Prices:

1999: $215,000
2004: $333,000

Population Density (per acre): 16

Commute time to downtown by car: 10 min.

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