Lake Oswego Neighborhoods

Lake Grove

lake oswego - west lakes areaA lot of people who visited Lake Oswego ask the question: "where's the lake?" Well, if you drive along the Lake Grove area from a small road called Bryant, you'll get to that area where there are absolutely gorgeous homes in the multi-million dollar range.

Not all of Lake Grove area homes in Lake Oswego, however, are luxury homes. Most of these luxury homes are along along Lakeview Blvd and South Shore Blvd. They're spread out along the north and south side of the lake respectively.

The picture above is a classic example of a home along Lakeview Blvd.. This type of homes get the unobstructed view of the beautiful Lake Oswego at the back of the house. Some of these luxury homes even have their own private dock for boats.

The rest of the Lake Grove area are typically homes built from the 1950's to the 1980's. So some homes do need extensive remodelling. You'll need to really know the area to find the right home at the right location. Call us before you look. It can save you a lot of time and headaches.

This part of Lake Oswego is also about to go through some changes. The city government is encouraging mixed used of properties in the town center area. In other words, it will be an area with convenient transportation services, pedestrian shopping and walking environment, ofices, and entertainment. The local government is also encouraging higher density housing. So again, before you move to Lake Oswego, check with us first to see what the impact would be to your investment.

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