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feng shui windchimesFeng Shui (literally “Wind and Water”) is an ancient Chinese science through which people harmonize with the flow of energy in their environment. Good Feng Shui can help create health, wealth, success, happiness, and love in your home, your work, in fact, any real estate. From a practical standpoint, a home with good Feng Shui is a great investment. You restore harmony in a home with bad Feng Shui or boost harmony in a home with good Feng Shui. Better Feng Shui makes any real estate sell quickly for great prices! If you own real estate, you should consider using this ancient Chinese science to boost your investment.

portland real estate video - feng shui guideBut What If I Don’t Believe In Feng Shui? Will It Still Work?

In Chinese, chi means energy, and the term is generally used in Feng Shui to include the flow of energy. The word chi, or qi as it is written when transliterated from Mandarin Chinese, sounds both fancy and vague. In actuality, chi is something you can feel. Have you ever walked into a gorgeous hotel, with a huge lobby that glitters with opulent decorations, plush fabrics, soft lighting, and the scent of fresh flowers? I’m thinking of the great hotels in Asia , but I know there are many examples of such elegantly appointed surroundings in every country. Your feeling when you walk into one of them is simple: you are awed by the loveliness of the place. You are sensing good chi.

At the other end of the energy spectrum, if you walk into a restaurant that feels “yucky”, you are experiencing bad chi. This feeling can be caused by using the wrong elements, or by simple things like dirt and stagnation. Places that feel creepy (such as cemeteries, basements, and attics) also have bad chi.

feng shuiIn the most simplistic form, if you feel good when you walk into a room you are picking up on good chi. If you feel bad when you walk into a room you are picking up bad chi.

Another way to understand chi is through its movements. One Feng Shui client of mine in Portland wondered why I said that his road had bad chi. He lived on a sloped road somewhere in SE Portland, and so I explained that the chi flows through roads just the way water would. I explained that if you poured a large amount of water from the top of his road, it would flow rapidly down the slope and pass him by. When I further explained that chi brings wealth and health to us and we need it to flow into our homes gently (not zoom past us!) he realized the importance of good chi. Furthermore, he could understand how to look for the pathways of chi by imagining water flowing along roads and terrain.

Many people ask whether they have to believe in this chi in order to practice Feng Shui in real estate.

The answer is simple: no. Feng Shui is not religious or faith-based in any way. You don’t have to “believe” in it for it to work. It’s like electricity, just turn the switch on!

Feng Shui in Portland Real Estate

I have travelled all over the country and all over the world looking at real estate everywhere. Interestingly, Portland homes located in the suburbs (areas like Beaverton, Tigard, Lake Oswego, West Linn, and even some Portland inner city area) present some of the greater Feng Shui challenges. For instance, many people probably already know this or at least have heard of this, a good number of Portland area homes were built with the staircase aiming at the front door. Well, that's really not so good for health and wealth. In a mild case, you might see more expenses than ever; in severe cases, you might face career problems or even bankruptcy. For more information about Feng Shui and Portland homes, go to My Real Estate Blog.

Better Feng Shui makes your home feel energized, full of life, and in harmony. It also help your home sell faster, if you choose to move, for great prices because people can feel the energy and the harmony within. Hence, your home becomes more attractive. Make smart investment and protect your family’s future by using Feng Shui as part of your total real estate strategy. For more information, get our FREE 18 Feng Shui Secrets for Buying and Selling Homes.

So How Do You Use Feng Shui For Your Clients, Dave?

For buyers, my Feng Shui master and I will help you find the best home - a place where you and your home is harmonized, not in conflict. We examine the exterior (no harmful chi pointing your way) and the interior (home layout) to help you maximize wealth, health, and relationship. After you move in, my Feng Shui master will provide a three-hour consultation (worth $350) to help you arrange your furniture, choose paint color, assign rooms to maximize the positive chi.

For sellers, aside from all the exclusive 18-Point Top Dollar Marketing Plan, we can deploy Feng Shui strategies to help you with a quicker and more profitable sale. Or you can use the service for your next home purchase anywhere in the Portland area.

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