Why Portland?

You can’t argue with statistics. In the last ten years, the Portland metropolitan area has witnessed a growth in population that has surpassed the national average. Why’s that? Because its residents choose to stay, while plenty of others choose to move to Portland.

Also known as the “City of Roses”, Portland offers numerous benefits and a wealth of options, which, combined with its lush green spaces, make it a truly irresistible place to live.

A Truly “Green” City…

Portland has been consistently named one of the most environmentally-friendly cities in America, by publications like Popular Science. Portland was the first American city to fully commit to the reduction of CO2 emissions. The city’s strategic urban planning has included green building initiatives, as well as an efficient public transportation system and bike lanes, to encourage less driving. The city has over 92,000 acres of green space, with over 74 miles of biking, hiking and running trails.

…in More than One Way

Portland is located within the Marine west coast region, an area known in the summer for its warm temperatures and dry weather, and in the winter for its rainy, but mild days. The rain may become disheartening at times, but most Portlanders learn to cope with it. It is, in fact, the best climate to grow roses, hence the city's nickname, and its rose gardens are something the city's residents are truly proud of, particularly the International Rose Test Garden, located in Washington Park. And it is precisely, the winter rains that keep the city’s gardens and parks lush and green.

Gorgeous Gardens and Spacious Public Parks

Portland’s public parks and gardens are a true testament to the city’s commitment to honoring a legacy started over a hundred years ago when thousands of acres of ecologically-rich natural areas were purchased and protected from development. West of downtown Portland, you’ll find Forest Park, a sprawling wilderness park of over 5,000 acres. Washington Park houses the celebrated International Rose Test Garden and the Portland Japanese Garden, as well as the Oregon Zoo. There are also three Oregon State Parks in the city of Portland, the most popular being Tryon Creek State Natural Area.

A Variety of Drinking and Dining Experiences

Portland is well-known for its breweries, where innovation is the name of the game. No night out in the city is complete without at least a sampling of some of its more unique concoctions. Coffee houses are also in abundance, with cafes that will please even the most demanding coffee aficionados. Diehard foodies rejoice in the fast-growing restaurant scene where the great variety of cuisines guarantees there is something for everyone. Portland is also considered on of the most vegetarian-friendly cities in American for its terrific vegetarian options.

Unbeatable Quality of Life

Some would describe Portland as a big city with a small-town feel. The streets are clean and the air is fresh - it’s no wonder is has been named one of the best cities for walking, bicycling and having a baby! Organic food is found in abundance, and this is only one of the many reasons Cooking Light magazine names Portland the second healthiest American city. It’s kid-friendly, pet-friendly, and one of the five US states with no sales tax. It’s definitely one of the best places to live in the US, for these and many other reasons.

With its excellent quality of life, fantastic options for recreation and entertainment, big city amenities and services, but small town warmth, it’s no wonder so many are moving to Portland.