Why Use Dave Somerville?

A Man Who Walks the Walk

As an owner of several investment properties, which he has personally managed for 15 years, Dave Somerville understands real estate from the inside out. He even goes so far as doing much of the remodeling work himself! For this reason, he possesses extensive knowledge of construction and is more than familiar with project costs.
This all translates into a very accurate evaluation of properties and their return on investment before an offer is written and the inspection/contractor estimates are given, saving buyers valuable time and money up front.

A Man Who Sees Beyond

Dave Somerville has the ability to see a property’s potential, beyond its current condition and gives the buyer a vision of how a house could fit into their dreams through minor cosmetic changes or remodels.
Dave also considers his clients’ exit strategy and how their purchase will affect their plans for the future – what are the potential positives and negatives when selling five years from now? Moreover, he protects his clients' interests by pointing out specific pitfalls and issues that will end up costing them more money.

A Man You Can Trust

Dave Somerville advises clients on how to approach purchases in order to get the best deal possible. He gives buyers the option of playing softball or hardball when negotiating so the game can be played to each client’s comfort level.
Dave realizes that it’s about the client/broker relationship, and earns his clients’ trust through superior counseling and advice, which leads to referrals and future business.
To provide his clients with an unbiased opinion, Dave even goes so far as to pay a 3rd party company to evaluate his performance of each and every transaction. The results of this 3rd party survey are unedited and posted on Qualityservice.org for the world to see. Buyers can read what other actual clients have to say.
Above all, Dave Somerville wants clients to feel confident in their choice of a realtor and will gladly supply a list of 20+ (or whatever number) referrals from past clients upon request.
Dave chooses to be part of an organization that’ll stand behind their brokers by providing the best ongoing education and legal counsel. It’s through this education that Prudential clients are four times less likely to have complaints when compared to the rest of the industry.
Dave will be there for homeowners after the close and keeps in touch with an exclusive Property Investment Profile report showing real estate activity of homes in their neighborhood. He makes every effort to keep clients up to date on their investment.

A Man Who Delivers Superior Customer Service

Dave Somerville stands out by the service he provides and is always available and ready to answer questions, clarify any doubts, or listen to the most pressing concerns. As such, Dave will make every effort to personally respond to your email within the hour and will personally answer or return every call within minutes. His cell phone is always on, and the 800 number goes directly to his cell. Needless to say, you will not receive any automated responses.

Dave Somerville – The Man

Dave Somerville has called Portland his home for 19 years. He has been happily married to his wife Gwen for ten years and has two beautiful little girls. Dave is an active member of the community, attending church services regularly and also volunteers his time to teach children’s classes. He enjoys family life and finds time to enjoy the best of Oregon with his family such as skiing, wakeboarding, biking and above all, camping trips to the Oregon coast dunes.
Dave’s love of remodeling is more than a hobby for him it’s his full time profession, and he’s not planning on leaving the industry because he loves his job. Most of all he loves helping home buyers make a great choice in their homes.