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West Lake

lake oswego - west lakes areaThe West Lake area starts from the north of one of the main Lake Oswego streets called Kruse Way all the way to the edge of the L.O. city limit. Crossed that, you're in the Portland's Multnomah county. There's a considerably difference in schools and in property taxes.

The West Lake area are full of homes built in the 1990's. Most homes start from the mid 2000 SF (around low to mid $400k) to as large as 4000 SF (around mid $700k). This is one of the most sought after neighborhoods in the entire Lake Oswego area. Reason? The excellent elementary school within walking distance from almost any home in this lovely area.

There are a few cul-de-sac areas available in West Lake are most homes command premium pricing (about 15% to 20% more). Due to the fact that most buyers like the West Lake area because of the school, you'll see, in general, younger families with children of elementary school age.

The community is extremely supportive of each other. There are many events and functions that bring all the families together at school.

As mentioned, this part of Lake Oswego is a walking neighborhood. You'll see residents walking their kids to school, jogging, drinking a cup of fresh brewed latte in the nearby community cafe. So it's easy to find great neighbors and friends.

You won't find very many architectural style here. The majority of homes in West Lakes are built traditional style, though you might occasionaly find a craftsman or Tudor style home.

Even within West Lake, there're some significant price differences depending on the location. There're pockets of blocks that have better investment return. So talk to us before you shop to protect your long term investment.

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