Lake Oswego Schools

Lake Oswego schools are rated among the best in the country. Over 80% of the high school students attend college. Most schools in Lake Oswego have their own foundations to support additional educational needs when necessary. As a result, Lake Oswego has become of the most sought after suburbs in the Greater Portland area.

Having great schools in the district, directly and indirectly, help sustain real estate prices almost anywhere in the city (particularly Lake Oswego in Clackamas county). You do have to be careful when selecting a home that you watch out for the school being in Clackamas county versus Multnomah county. You will see a difference in standard and facilities. For more information on Lake Oswego school report, click on this following link:

Oregon School Report

There are a total of 9 elementary schools, 2 junior high and 2 high schools. Each elementary school has about 400 students with the largest being Lake Grove and Uplands (about 470 students each). School results vary slightly. For details, click on the above Oregon School Report link and select Lake Oswego SD from the pull down menu.

At the junior high and the high school level, you will find intense competition between the two camps of schools. (High School: Lake Oswego High and Lakeridge; Junior High: Lake Oswego and Waluga). They compete on every level, from academics to sports to school facilities. This type of competition carries down to the parent level. It's quite fun to see parents from two separate camps cheering their own team on during a soccer game. Their involvment is second to none.

Due to the lack of school funding all over Oregon, Lake Oswego elementary schools also suffer from some losses in financial support. You will find a slightly increase in class sizes in the 2005 - 2006 school year, and a cut in some services. Thanks to the foundation and family involvment in fund raising, many of the essential programs are still intact.

Though you won't find art classes in Lake Oswego elementary school, there's a special art educational program called ArtLit run by parent volunteers. The ArtLit team in each school organized in-depth studies of important artists throughout history and in current time. Children will get lectures, hands-on practice and lots of art fun. This is an extremely organized and professional group run completely run by dedicated parent volunteers.

For information about schools in Lake Oswego, visit:
Lake Oswego Public Schools

Before you buy a home in Lake Oswego, call us first to see which school fits your child(ren) best.

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